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Contract Manufacturing

PNK Farmaceutici is engaged in commercial collaborations with important pharmaceutical brands and companies in many European and non-European countries. We offer a 360° Third Party Production Service of different types of Food Supplements including Vitamins and Minerals, Probiotics and Postbiotics, Dietary Supplements, Supplements in innovative pharmaceutical forms.


  • Pharmaceutical forms:
  • Capsules and Tablets
  • Powders in Sachets or Jars
  • Supplements with fluid extracts
  • Functional chewing gum
  • Supplements in pectin gummies

Formulation and R&D

The ability to interpret market needs is the basis of our success! Responding to the needs of a product formulation is always expressed according to the customer’s motivation.

The most suitable pharmaceutical form for administration, the quantity of individual components and the relative synergies are tested in the laboratory.

The palatability of the products is studied by experts.
The formulations derive from PNK Farmaceutici research and comply with current Italian and EU directives.
If requested, the formulation is adapted to the regulations of the country where the product is exported.

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    Packaging and Shipping

    Your shipments are our main mission.
    We use reliable partners for the transport of your orders who have a HACCP quality standard or hold voluntary food safety certifications.

    Maximum traceability, shipment control and optimization of delivery times. We have a highly efficient system for shipping or collecting goods and we offer the customer consultancy for the definition of the documentation in order to support the customs clearance of goods exported abroad.

    WAREHOUSE: 500 m2


    The Company is equipped with a Quality system which is respected throughout the production chain and which guarantees the safety and high quality of the products. This quality system is compliant with current legislation in the food sector (Reg. 852/2004) and is reviewed and implemented every year by the self-control group in collaboration with external consultancy companies.

    PNK FARMACEUTICI Srl has also a GMP certification.


    • The highly qualified staff deals daily with:
      Isolation and characterization of new bacteria with possible health benefits: some lactic acid bacteria were selected for a private collection of the company…
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    Ready to sell brands

    The experience in the Nutraceutical sector has pushed us towards the creation of our first and unique brands of functional supplements, developed by a group of professionals who dedicate with passion and knowledge and combine their efforts in the research, development, innovation and production of high quality products.

    Discover our Branded Products.

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