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The ability to interpret market needs is the basis of our success! Responding to the needs of a product formulation is always expressed according to the customer’s motivation. The most suitable pharmaceutical form for administration, the quantity of individual components and the relative synergies are tested in the laboratory.

The palatability of the products is studied by experts.
The formulations derive from PNK pharmaceutical research and comply with current Italian and EU directives. If requested, the formulation is adapted to the regulations of the country where the product is exported.

To respond to the growing changes in the nutraceutical sector and the market and to offer increasingly innovative products, it was necessary to develop the concept of “applied research”. In fact, Research is the key that allows the transition from knowledge to technological progress.

The company’s management has always believed in the importance of research in order to obtain and commercialize innovation. For this reason, over these years, collaborations have been established with National and International University research bodies aimed at supporting the work and scientific credibility of our companies. These collaborations can also be seen as an extension of the industrial world into the academic field and vice versa.

To this end and based on the recent legislative changes that are profoundly reshaping the world of food supplements, various scientific areas of interest have been defined, ranging from microbiology to analytical chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry, to biotechnology and proteomics up to clinical pharmacology.
To date, in our laboratories formulation tests are conducted on new emerging products, stability tests are performed on finished products, ordinary quality control analyzes as well as all the research work are always followed by the by an academic work.

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